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We offer cost-effective iPhone And iPad Screen And Logic Board Repairs in Brisbane.All parts used are
genuine and are backed by our 11 Month Warranty

Need a smartphone or tablet repair?

Oz Tech Services

Get tour device repaired in just three easy steps

We offer a full range of Mobile Phone Services

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus necaWe offer cost-effective iPhone And iPad Screen
And LogicBoard Repairs in Brisbane.

Buy, Sell, Trade

Don’t want to fix your phone? Just want the latest gadget?
We have many options to get you going again. Just because you signed a service
contract with your cell phone carrier doesn’t mean you have to keep a phone that you’re
no longer happy with.

We will give you cash for your used or broken device.

We will come to you to collect your device & pass you cash.

Sit back & relax. Enjoy our service at your convenience.

Why Choose Oztech

24*7 Booking

Our 24/7 Booking service can save your time. So, you don’t have to wait in queue.

Fast Repair

Whether you need repairs for Water Damaged, Cracked screen, Charging Port.

Premium Parts

We make sure that every part used its genuine and We back our repairs.


We make sure that every part and tool used is up to industry standards.

Our Mother Board Repair Services

iPhone Motherboard Repair

Here at Oz Tech Guru Workshop we invest in state of the art equipment allowing us to provide motherboard repair services at very affordable prices. Mobile Expert have an Skilled Tech. which results in a very high success rate in repairing any type of printed circuit board.

Water Damaged Repairs

25% of iPhone users report having damaged their device, and water damage is one of the biggest problems. 15% of those with a broken iPhone point to liquid damage as the culprit. Luckily, the certified, trained technicians at Oz Tech Guru have the expertise and experience to troubleshoot and repair your water-damaged iPhone.


We offer 12 months warranty on screen repair services. Warranty only covers any defect on the part, and We don’t cover any physical for water damage to the repaired parts.

Mobile Expert technicians try their best to finish most of the repair in 30 minutes. Some repairs can take extra time; for example, motherboard and Data Recovery can take 1 – 3 Days.

According to Apple (A standard battery is produced to retain up to 80% of its original capacity at 500 complete charge cycles when operating under normal conditions. The one-year warranty includes service coverage for a faulty battery.)

Most of the motherboard and data recovery repair will be ready in 1 – 3 days. In some cases, we have to arrange parts for the damaged motherboard, which might take some extra time.

Most of the motherboard and data recovery repair will be ready in 1 – 3 days. In some cases, we have to arrange parts for the damaged motherboard, which might take some extra time.

Mobile Experts accept mail-in repairs all over Australia; please book your device for mail-in repairs or speak to the Store where you want to send in your device.

Our technician does repair most type of Phone, and We have to arrange parts for some manufacture

Mobile Expert technicians don’t restore customer data before they work on any device.

Data loss chances are minor on the events, but we recommend doing backup before the repairs.

iPhone repairs start from $69, also depends on what type of device you have or what kinds of repair are required. Please Click Here to check your estimate for your iPhone Or another device.

Repairs like Screen repairs, charging all simple part replacements will be ready on the spot. If we find out other issues or require particular part order, it will take an extra day.

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